Sync session at Midem 2014

Midem sessionThis year’s Midem trade fair will again feature opportunities for syncing music. Sync Sessions offers visitors the opportunity to play tracks in front of music supervisors from global advertising agencies, videogame publishers, TV networks and more, who are looking for music to place in their projects. Note that the songs must be submitted in advance. Chosen tracks are then commented on live, which provides useful information about how supervisors listen to music.

Grey: Olive Garden

The advertising agency Grey is looking for tracks for The Olive Garden, an iconic American restaurant brand that serves Italian-inspired cuisine.  They require a musical interpretation of “the joy of togetherness” for a new campaign. Submissions should be warm, vibrant & emotional, and will be considered for licensing in two spots.

Ogilvy: Philips Sound

The Ogilvy agency has put together an interesting project for Phiips, who are making a musical map of major cities. “What beats, melodies and lyrics bring to life the rhythm and spirit of your city? We want you to inspire us with an audio tour of your city – whether it’s an existing song that always reminds you of a particular city, or a new track put together by actual sounds of the city.”

For details about the session see the website.

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