Using music

The human mind is a very interesting thing and it is amazing how our memory works. Often college students study while listening to music. Unfortunately, while taking the test they are not allowed to listen to the music and therefore it might be harder to recall the information.

This is because their brain has attached the information they were studying to the music they were listening to at the time, and it does this automatically. Thus, they need that music playing to recall the information to answer the questions on the tests.

Of course, there is another way to do this, one that will actually help the college students recall information even faster. The best way to do this is to play only two or three songs over and over and over again while you’re studying for your test. Then while taking the test sing those songs in your mind over and over again, all the information will come as fluidly as you would ever believe. This technique actually works.

Another thing that I used to do in college is study with a gal who wore a certain perfume, who also sat two seats away from me in class. Since I can always smell the perfume in class, and since we studied together, this helped my recall.

It was something I did purposely because I understood how the brain works. The same thing is true when using music to help you recall information, these techniques work, and they work well. All you are doing is using tricks of the brain due to the way it works and its basic structure. Please consider all this.

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